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Preparing the Home

We help you through the entire selling process, so one of the first things we do is help you prepare your house for sale. Typically some improvements are necessary to insure top dollar. But don't worry, our recommendations not only help sell the house faster. You typically earn a 50 percent profit on the cost of the improvements too.

Creating curb appeal is also critical. We'll show you how just a few hundred dollars in improvements can earn a couple thousand dollars at closing. And we help you stage the inside of your house to take full advantage of your home's distinct charm. Our expert team knows all the inside secrets to making buyers see themselves living in the house you are selling.

"My husband and I had our house on the market for approximately 8 months with a different agent prior to using John Bailey. We did not have many people that appeared to be interested in our house during these 8 months and really thought that we would never sell the house. After our contract expired, we sought the help of John Bailey. Both he and his family were extremely professional, hard working, and friendly. We had 2 contracts on our house within 60 days! That says it all! We highly recommend John Bailey for your real estate needs." Stacey McDermott and Russell Brooks


Showing the Home

We recommend that one of our Realtors always be present when showing the home. That takes the pressure off you. And we know how to turn any objections into positives. Of course it helps immensely to keep the yard and house as clean and charming as possible during the sales period.

For example, eliminate as much clutter and knick knacks as possible. Prospects can then picture filling in those spaces with their own personal furniture, mementos, and collectables.

Outside, plant flowers around the mailbox. Spread red cedar wood chips around bushes instead of pine straw, which quickly weathers. Put a planter next to the front door with nice greenery. Add a gold kick-plate to the front door. These factors enhance curb appeal.


Negotiating the Sale

By creating value for your home in the different ways described above, we put you in a superior negotiating position from the start. But typically there are still a number of factors that come up for negotiation, such as closing costs, repairs, upgrades, a home warranty, and the move-in date.

Through our market knowledge and insider advantages, we almost always make the sale without lowering the ultimate price. One way we do that in the negotiating process is offering concessions that have a large amount of perceived value, but actually cost very little.



A closing can be like walking a mine field. On miss-step by one person who has not done their job correctly, and the deal can completely blow up. For instance, if repairs have not been completed, or if all legal paperwork has not been completed, a sale can completely unravel.

Unlike many, John Bailey Realty sweats the details for you the entire time the house is under contract. We systematically chart the progress of the closing process to help insure you receive the proceeds from your sale at the closing, with a minimum of drama.


Vacating the Home

Leaving your house can be an emotional process. And it always takes longer to pack than you think. That's why we suggest you start the process at least 30 days in advance. With all the details involved in leaving your house, the moving day creeps up fast.

To help, we will give you a list of experienced movers who have done a good job for our clients through the years. And we'll give you a check list to make sure things go smoothly on moving day too. From making sure the utilities will be cut off the next day, to giving your new address to the post office, you'll benefit from our experience. And don't be surprised if we show up with a plate of cookies.