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How much can you afford?

A lot more today than even just several months ago. Due to market forces, special bank offers, low interest rates, government programs, tax incentives, and motivated sellers, this is the best time ever to buy a home. Especially for first time home buyers.

As you can imagine, taking advantage of these special programs is not easy. The tangled web of government and institutional bureaucracy makes the programs next to impossible to utilize. But John Bailey Realty stands apart from the crowd. We cut through the red tape and deliver jaw dropping results.

For instance, we can help first time home buyers qualify for an $8,000 credit that can be used toward either closing costs or a down payment. You get the money up front. And don't have to wait to claim it on your taxes. It's part of the Federal Housing Tax Credit.

Just give John Bailey a call to set up a consultation. Let's see what we can do for YOU before the door closes on these exceptional opportunities.

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Arrange Financing

What type of loan?

How to get a good interest rate? Conventional or FHA? 30 yr. vs. 15 yr? How much of a down payment? Bank loan vs. Fannie Mae loan? Government program? Owner financing? These are all very important questions. Coming up with the right answers means thousands of dollars going into your bank account. Or draining out of it.

John Bailey Realty makes the difference. We are experts at the entire home buying process, and through our consulting process guide you to a great deal. Helping you find financing that makes the most sense for you, is just one of the important reasons clients have been referring us for 3 generations.

What's the first step? Getting pre-qualified for a loan so that when the right opportunity presents itself, you're ready to take advantage of it. John Bailey has a B.A. in Finance and is highly qualified to help you comfortably afford the home of your dreams.

How large of payments?

Determining your monthly home payment is one of the first steps in the buying process. Many factors come into play. The cost of the home. They type of loan. The interest rate. Amount of the down payment. Buyer discounts, etc.

We want you to be comfortable with your monthly mortgage payment. With our 'insider' knowledge of the real estate business, finance, and taxes, we'll get you a great deal on a home that makes sense for your economic situation.


Purchase a Home

Negotiate the Purchase

In the real estate business, knowledge is power. Coming from 3 generations of real estate brokers, we live, eat, and sleep buying and selling real estate. We typically save clients thousands of dollars negotiating the purchase price through superior knowledge of the industry.

Even more important, we keep clients from making bad purchases. Time and again we could make a fast sale, but advise against it if a seller won't lower the price, make repairs, put in upgrades, offer a warranty, etc.

At the same time, human nature often enters into the negotiating process. Many times we're able to work out a deal, just by using a little creativity. So everyone walks away happy. Especially in those situations where our clients 'just have to have it'.


Home Inspection should start with the Realtor. At John Bailey Realty, we understand home construction and know what to look for the first time you step into a house. From mold to structural issues, we've got a trained eye to point out problems before anyone in your family has a chance to fall in love with a property.

At the same time, we have helped many clients get great deals by showing how superficial issues can be easily repaired. Regardless, we always recommend that a home get a thorough exam from a licensed Home Inspector before you buy. And we have a number of expert Home Inspectors that we can refer to you.

Title Services

As part of our full service home buying experience, we can refer you to one of our preferred Title Service partners. An attorney will search the deed to insure you will own the prospective home free and clear of any problems.

Such as outstanding taxes or contractor liens. We recommend that you also buy title insurance, just in case something develops down the road that was unforeseen during the title search. While it costs a few hundred dollars, it can save you the price of your entire home.


At the closing, the finance company will want proof of insurance on your new home. After all, if a tornado hit the next day, you want to be covered. Because we have your best interests in mind throughout the buying process, we will give you a list of recommendations to consider when choosing the type of insurance you purchase, as well as the company.

It used to be customary that insurance companies covered the full replacement cost of your home in a catastrophe. Not anymore. So be aware. The best price is not always the best coverage. We'll be glad to refer you to insurers you can trust.


When moving into a house, you typically want to time things so you don't have to pay a month's rent or mortgage at the property you're leaving. So it is critical things go according to plan during the closing, so you can move into your new house, as scheduled.

Again, this is an area John Bailey Realty sweats the details for our clients. You don't have the time or expertise to know all the monsters that can rear their ugly head at the closing. Such as the loan papers not being ready. Or repairs the owner agreed to make not being completed. You can be literally left in the cold, looking for a place to stay if you were planning to move immediately.

We help you avoid last minute horror stories by staying in close communication with the lender, closing attorney, seller, as well as all others involved in making your dream purchase come true on time.

Moving into a Home


When you walk out of the closing, you own the house. One minute, it's someone else's responsibility. The next it's yours. One of the first things to consider is utilities at your new home. Even though you may not be moving in right of way, there are a number of reasons to get them turned on.

In the summer, you don't want mold growing on the walls, nor in the refrigerator. So you'll need electricity. In the winter you don't want pipes bursting due to cold. So you'll need water as well as gas or electric service. Keep in mind, the last thing you want is toilets not working on moving day.

Also consider putting a timer on a couple of lights in the house to prevent break-ins while things look vacant. To get your utilities taken care of promptly, we'll give you a list of providers in your area.

Moving Options

We believe in service after the sale. So to make sure your move is smooth, we will give you advice on getting ready for the big day, as well as recommending a number of movers we have found to be trust worthy over the years.

Just tell us your needs--whether a couple of guys and a truck, or a full service transport company that will come days in advance to wrap your belongings. Regardless, we'll give you guidance about the moving industry, which the Better Business Bureau reports is one of their biggest problem areas.

And we'll give you a check list to make sure things go smoothly on moving day too. From making sure you've got the new keys, to thawing out the freezer in advance, you'll benefit from our experience. (And don't be surprised if we show up with a plate of cookies.)